identifying flint for knapping?

Two_Seven_Deuce asked:

I live in Pennsylvania and I am interested in learning flint knapping. I want to find suitable materials in the wild. Does anyone know any websites that show you how to identify flint and other knappable rocks? I have found several sites for knapping but they all assume you have flint or obsidian at hand.
Also does anyone know of any schools for learning knapping and other bushcraft skills in PA or MD?

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  1. As a arrowhead and artifact collector, I can assure you arrowheads, knives and other tools were made from not only flint or obsidian, but from whatever rock was avalible to work with. Looking to the board to my right, I can see over a dozen types of stone. To locate flint or other knappable rock, I suggest going to a stream bed, and looking for palm-sized smooth stones. Strike each an edge blow, and see if it flakes well. The ones that do, are suitable for knapping. I have beautiful knives made of a stone called “sugar quartz”, a grainy snow-white stone that doesn’t LOOK like it’d work well at all…it sure does, though. The majority of my collection is made from a mixed bag of different forms of gravel rock. Actually very few are flint or obsidian. I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL blades made from petrified wood, clear quartz, jade, white chert, chalcodony, fossilized bone, and strange gemstone like rocks. You can order flint and obsidian, as well as more exotic stones from Wright’s Rock Shop or Colemans Rock Shop in Hot Springs Arkansas. You’ll have to look up their phone numbers and call them, as I don’t believe they have websites, but either place would be glad to fix you right up nicely. If you get good, they’d also likely buy finished reproduction arrowheads and knives back from you as well!

    PS You really ought to locate yourself a copy of :
    “Overstreets Guide to Collecting Indian Arrowheads and Knives”
    It’s not cheap….30$! but it’s the best referance to types of stone used in knapped items PERIOD.

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